Some Criteria’s for Choosing a Moving Company

Whether you have a business or are an individual, there are times when you are forced to move.
Indeed, the move can only be successful when your belongings have been transported safely to
the right place. To do this, various market providers are ready to meet your different needs.
However, it is better to make the right choice to save yourself the trouble. Here are some criterias
for choosing a moving company.

Define your needs and expectations

There are a massive number of moving companies, so it is not easy to find your way around. So
how do you choose the right professional moving company? How to find it? What are the
platforms worth? What are the pros and cons of a professional mover? We answer all your

To choose the moving company you need, the first thing to do is define your needs. Indeed, this
first phase allows you to determine why you want to call on a moving company. This will make
it easier for you to choose the company that offers services that meet your needs.
Whether in terms of packing, administrative procedures, transport, or others, it is up to you to
choose the various services that are essential to you.

Ensure the reliability and legality of the moving company

As in many sectors of activity, the removals field is also affected by concealed work. Therefore,
it is essential to ensure that the service provider you are using is working legally. Several
elements can allow you to check the professionalism of the moving company:

  • The moving company is registered in the Trade Register;
  • The removal company is listed in the Register of Agents or Carriers;
  • The professional meets the ethical rules set by profession, in particular concerning the
    fight against illegal work;
  • The company has a domestic or community transport license.

All these elements allow you to verify the reliability and legality of the moving company you
wish to use. You are then assured of dealing with a structured company and following the
regulations related to the practice of moving.

The other reasonably necessary criterion is to favor reliable movers. For this purpose, you need
to ensure that the company has a trust mark for the different consumers. So, when you choose a
company that meets the U.S DOT standard, you ensure that the services are identical to the
specificities and levels of performance required. And right after selecting a few moving agencies,
you can request quotes.

When you call on a professional and recognized organization, you have the assurance that the
move will be structured according to the regulations in force. But, for that, you must take into
account some elements here!

Check the commitments of the moving company

Some companies like We Move Anywhere, hold U.S DOT quality certification. This
certification attests to the conformity of the service with the characteristics and levels of
performance set by the standards drawn up by FMCSA. This certification guarantees confidence
for the consumer in the professionalism of the mover. Checking the commitments of the moving
company on the quality of these services is an element to consider when choosing a professional

Company references

It would help if you took the time to check the references of moving companies thoroughly.
Indeed, there are several organizations in charge of the move, but not all of them are certified.
Only certified companies can meet the standards and ensure the safety of your goods and

Consumer opinion

To have more certainty about different companies, you must collect the opinions of other
consumers. However, keep in mind that certified moving companies offer serious guarantees to
secure your belongings properly. This must have a significant influence on the opinions

In addition to compliance with regulations, reading customer reviews is also an excellent way to
ensure the technical skills of a moving company and the quality of its services. If it is true that
the company's seniority is the first clue, customer reviews are another clue not to be overlooked.

f the mover was recommended to you by word of mouth, this is certainly a sign to trust when
choosing a moving company.

In addition, do not hesitate to consult the opinions left on the search engines as well as those
present on the websites of certified customer testimonials. Indeed, these sites are reliable since
the sites directly question the customers of the companies evaluated. This way, you don't risk
being misled by fake glowing reviews written by the company itself.

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