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How Much Will Interstate Moving Cost?

Interstate Moving Cost, also called an “out-of-state” move, means that you and your belongings will be crossing U.S. state lines. Moving Long Distance can be an excellent way to open yourself up to a new adventure. If you are interested in the final cost of your interstate move, we are there for you with useful information to consider.

Average Interstate Moving Cost:
Be aware that the prices may get higher the farther you move. While local moves usually cost under $1,500, long-distance moves cost upwards of $4,500. While a long distance move cost is based on the weight, local movers charge by the hour.

The money that goes into moving depends a lot on some factors, such as:

  • Weight

    It doesn’t mean that you have to weigh all your belongings. Rely on reputable moving companies that can give you an estimate using average weights for homes or apartments of your size. The best is to get written evaluations from at least three moving companies and get their representatives to look at what is in your home to form an exact idea of what you have.  If a quote is provided over the internet, don’t believe it. First, the empty truck is weighed, then, your belongings are loaded, the car is weighed once again to calculate your moving cost.

  • Distance

    The longer the length, the higher the bill will be. Don’t be shy to ask your moving company if any additional transportation charges are provided. In addition to the weight-based charges, be prepared to be charged a per-mile rate.

  • Labour Costs

    You better do a thorough search for movers. With the right movers it should be reasonably affordable, but still, it will cost you less by mostly planning. Try to avoid hot price periods (summertime, end of the month or a week). Spend as much time as you can to monitor the companies. It’s important to remember about moving insurance and moving scams before hiring any professional moving company.

    • Moving Insurance

      Make sure whether the moving company you hire provides the required worker’s compensation insurance, because occasional damage or even injuries sometimes happen. (If they don’t, check them out, they are probably not licensed.)

    • Moving Scams

      While crossing state lines, the movers are governed by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules and regulations including the mandatory registration of a USDOT Number. So, check the USDOT number of the company you have chosen to verify their licensing status.

In conclusion, once you’ve decided you are going to do your interstate moving, it’s time to prepare your budget, get all paperwork in order, choose an experienced, safe and verified international moving company. With the right moving company, it will be a success.

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