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Firstly Moving is stressful, as we all know. On the other hand it is a moment when some kind of life change seems to be playing in the air. For instance the act of organizing and packing every single valuable item in boxes. It is a farewell to what used to be: family rooms, the neighborhood, or maybe the city, or state. Ultimately now turning into fond memories.
Moreover people tend to take matters into their own hands, based on our clients’ experiences. Firstly it is considered a time-consuming “nightmare”. For example Loading & unloading, organization, packaging, and transportation are actually four separate professional jobs. Not to mention, not knowing whether that truck driver won’t swivel a mean right, tobbeling all items on their sides!

Likewise nowadays with time-constraints and work-related deadlines, we understand the need for trusted moving professionals.

Interstate Moving / Out of State Moving vs Local Moves:

This means more time spent on the road, and that Federal regulations apply. All long distance moving companies must provide a copy of Your Rights and Responsibilities. When You Move booklet, published by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This provides all information for state to state moving / out of state moving / long distance moving.

We nsure the security/durability of belongings during the long trip, especially in out of state moving – this means organizing items based on fragility, temperature changes and length of trip, specific paddings and strategic placement in the moving truck (fragile items, such as dishes, must be stacked vertically in a box, and wrapped diagonally with lots of wrapping paper, taped securely, labeled fragile etc..)

An inventory list and packaging details are provided prior to relocation. The price depends on the distance and number of items – our website provides a moving cost calculator for an orientation price.

Interstate Moving Federal Regulations

Inquir more about the following when dealing with any kind of interstate moving / out of state moving / long distance moving / cross country moving as per Federal regulations:

  • Cargo Insurance Policies
  • The Assigned U.S.DOT number
  • Registration with FMCSA
  • Full-value protection

Long Distance Moving

Long distance moving is similar to interstate moving, the difference being, the move does not cross state borders. Moving Long distance is considered a minimum of 100 miles.

Similar procedures are taken: packaging details, inventory lists, driver’s information, strategic packaging and placement, loading and unloading – everything – your ideal moving companions.

The regulations here are on a state-level. When choosing this option, inquire more about the insurance plan and safety. Our Moving Cost Calculator provides an orientation price here.

Cross Country Moving

Cross Country Moving or Coast to Coast Moving – crossing an entire continent – the price is, again, questioned here. Of course, cross country moving or coast to coast moving is going to be the priciest. Firstly since the length of time can take up to a week. Secondly considering the weight, number of items, packing, unpacking coast to coast moving could go up to $6,000.

The tricky part, here, is packaging inventory durably – in other words: how can we preserve the items properly during the long trip? For example, heat/humid sensitive items (i.e. electronics) need a good amount of desiccant packets to prevent corrosion. Some items would be suggested off the truck if the weather is extremely hot – such as photo albums. Inventory and packing details are provided prior to relocation. Federal regulations apply.

Our company places trust, above all, when handling items – this translates into quality of work. We understand the arduous tasks and are ready to lend a hand – and keep those moving memories amiable.